The Daily Five: Games to Replay Before PlayStation 4 Hits

October 28, 2013 | By | No Comments

November 15th is less than three weeks away and with it comes the dawning of a new generation of consoles and the slow and quiet death of this generation. Sure it may take 2-3 years before everything is tucked away, but a lot of us will be moving on to bigger and better experiences. Since it’s only a short time away, it’s time to look back at five memorable experiences from this past generation that are not only worth playing a first time, but also playing one more time before we hang up the DualSock 3 for good. These five games helped define a PlayStation 3 experience and while the list does not include the expected Uncharted or inFamous franchises, we’d definitely give them honorable mentions.

What would you add to this list if you could only replay five titles from this past generation?

Valkyria Chronicles
For me, this title made the entire decision to buy a PlayStation 3 justified. I know only a select few will agree with me, but SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles was a refreshing experience that really wasn’t like anything that came before it. It offered up some good RPG elements mixed with third-person shooting mechanics and rolled it all into a great story that featured one of the most members deaths of this past generation. It’s a damn shame that consoles never properly received a sequel and it’s even worse that we’ll probably never get one.

Red Dead Redemption
John Marston is a fantastic character, isn’t he? It’s great that Rockstar Games did the character justice by creating a memorable open world and experience around him. I’ll never forget the time I had playing Red Dead Redemption and the twists it gave along the way. I don’t recall any other game where they kill the main character off and you’re left to finish things off with a completely different protagonist. It’s a game worth experiencing more than once and if you haven’t played it at all, it’s high time you do.

Metal Gear Solid IV
Metal Gear Solid IV was the first PlayStation 3 title where gamers had to endure the dreaded mandatory install that felt like it took forever. Though most gamers made sandwiches during this time, others were occupied by Snake consistently killing his lungs with each passing cigarette. With that said, Metal Gear Solid IV is a magnificent game and another masterpiece by Hideo Kojima. It’s easily one of my favorite games of this past generation and deserves to be loved by all. You may hear certain people complain about the long cut scenes, but enjoy them. They help bring the story together and create a more immersive experience.

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