The Daily Five: Games We’d Bring Back from the Dead

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Folks that work in video games like to say that no franchise, no matter how dormant, is ever really truly dead. Sometimes franchises just need a break, if only to get the creative juices flowing again. Yet we know that a line like that is often bunk because, really, who’s going to spend money developing another Boogerman game?

But it’s not always that easy to let go, is it? So let’s pretend that we found several small mountains of cash that would make even Heisenberg blush, or had a blank check like that kid in the hit 1994 film Blank Check: What are the games that we’d bring back?

If it were up to me, these would get the Mia Wallace treatment. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Rock Band

Man, remember how outrageously fun it was to play Rock Band with a bunch of your friends? Sure, it was played with a bunch of glorified Fisher Price instruments, but they still opened up a new appreciation of music for millions of people. I want that back, damn it.

Rock Band gets the nod over Guitar Hero, Harmonix’s original foray into the genre, simply because there was a certain purity about it that Activision was never able to reach. And if I’m bringing back rhythm gaming, then I’d may as well bring back the insane commitment to weekly DLC, too. When was the last time people got excited to buy Rick Astley’s music?


Full disclosure: I’m not big on Shenmue. I bought the game a couple of years ago to play on the Dreamcast my buddy gave me to see what the fuss was about, and I didn’t get it. Not for me.

If I had the cash, though? Hell yeah, I’d pay Yu Suzuki all the money he needed to wrap up the series exactly as he had envisioned it. Partly because it’d be great to make people happy that Shenmue 3 finally happened, but mostly because everyone could finally stop asking for it. If I was feeling generous, I might even let Yu release it. I’m a swell guy like that.

Road Rash

What we really need, though, is a new Road Rash. There hasn’t been a game in the series in about 15 years, and surprisingly enough EA has been flirting with the idea on and off for the last few years. Realistically, though, the series has floundered outside of its 16-bit glory days, and a revival never got any real traction.

So it’s up to a benefactor with more money than sense, and that sort of happened with a Kickstarter for a game called Road Redemption. It looks pretty okay, actually, but it’s still not quite the real deal. Grenade launchers and uzis sound like they should be a step up, but real Road Rash is all about mixing it up with melee weapons. Any clown can spray and pray — getting in there with nunchuks and aluminum bats is so wonderfully personal that it gives us the warm and fuzzies all over, although that might just be the blood pooling in our racing suits.

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