The Daily Five: Games You Didn’t Play, But Should

May 1, 2013 | By | 7 Comments

One of the saddest parts of loving games is watching developers put their hearts and souls into a title, deliver a quality product, but gamers end up being too dense to purchase it. This can ultimately lead to studios closing, no primary follow-up titles in the franchise, layoffs, and/or primarily a lack of appreciation for something special. It’s easy to develop a risk-free game that’s been done before, put millions of dollars of development into it and shove it out to the masses, but you’ve already played that before. Why not enjoy something new? Why not step out of your comfort zone a little bit? You may be surprised.

We’ve compiled a list of five games that didn’t sell nearly as well as they should have and if you didn’t contribute to the sales, you’re the problem.

Catherine was easily one of the oddest games of this generation. It was a difficult puzzle game that only the truest masochists were willing to power through. Unfortunately, like Vanquish, sales were solid in comparison to the other titles on this list, but they weren’t enough to push Catherine over the top as a major retail success. While it did happen to break Atlus sales records, this is the type of title that should be considered one of the more enjoyable games of this generation so long as you’re willing to put the time into it. With multiple endings, Catherine also had a good amount of replay ability — not to mention it had an awesome collector’s edition.

Valkyria Chronicles
Tactical strategy RPGs generally tend to only appeal to a specific type of gamer. However, SEGA went above and beyond your standard Tactical Strat RPG and included a third-person shooting element to Valkyria Chronicles. This small addition coupled with a strong narrative and innovative way to deliver that narrative allowed for Valkyria Chronicles to be one of the best games of this generation and arguably of all time. Fans of the game will tell you that it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss on PlayStation 3 and because enough of you did miss this experience, we’ve yet to see a true sequel to it developed for consoles. Sure, VC2/3 were released on PlayStation Portable, but Valkyria Chronicles is a game deserving of a console setting, not a handheld. If you haven’t played this yet, we suggest you do — like, immediately.

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  • ben

    soo a bunch of japanese crap? I see….

  • Reigen

    dont usually like the sites top5 lists, but this one is good

  • Patrick Bailey

    There is a second page

    • Nick Powell

      It was hiding! lol. Great to see Lost Odyssey on the list. One of the best RPGs of all time, in my opinion.

      • Patrick Bailey

        Haha for sure! The first time I played it I was just amazed

  • Reneid Klein

    IGN slammed White Knight Chronicles. Those games are two of my favorite JRPGs this generation. I love IGN but wish they would stop getting people that don’t like JRPGs to review them. Or at least let them play more than 20 hours before they review them. I hate when reviewers try to review an RPG before they beat it or by rushing through the game. I tend to drop around 100 hours into every JRPG I play (on average) and yet they are farting out reviews in 15-20 hours?

  • Reneid Klein

    I’d like to add White Knight Chronicles 1 & 2, Mirror’s Edge, Resonance of Fate and 3D Dot Game Heroes to this list.