The Daily Five: Games You Wasted Money On

April 22, 2013 | By | No Comments

The anticipation for some games often overrules common sense and because of this, we’re generally left spending money on a product that we would otherwise avoid completely. On top of anticipation, we can include peer pressure, the cool factor, and just being an idiot when it comes to making financial decisions. One of the best places to fall into these categories is the gaming industry due to the large volume of releases increasing the chances of you spending your money on something not worthwhile.

Sadly, some of these games below baited us into buying them and we fell victim to their charm. Despite this waste of money, we can laugh about it knowing we’ll make the same mistake repeatedly in the future as well. Did you happen to waste cash on any of these or were other games your undoing?

Wii Fit
Remember how hard it was to find one of these for like 3-4 months after release? It was nearly as bad as the console release itself when it came to tracking one down. However, once you finally spent all of that cash on it, you started realizing maybe it just wasn’t worth the price of admission. Honestly though, the idea behind Wii Fit is really strong, but how many of you regularly used this game after purchasing it? We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that it collected more dust than your Nintendo Wii did, right? This is why Wii Fit U doesn’t fit anybody and is one of our games to avoid this year. Just don’t.

This isn’t a knock on the product itself so much as it is a knock on the money pit that it can become. Sure, if you’re responsible and can manage to collect just one or two Skylanders, you’re probably doing alright. However, if you have an addiction like Ash and need to get all of the Skylanders, you’re going to be in deep financial ruin by the time you’re done — in fact, you may declare bankruptcy because we all know you had to rebuy this stuff when Giants was released too! The game itself is great, it’s just a hit to the wallet that really doesn’t feel like a great return on your investment. Just think, in a couple of months, we can do it all again with Disney’s upcoming game.

State of Emergency
Grand Theft Auto is an amazing franchise and the thought of taking the chaos of those worlds and throwing them into a mall or other highly populated areas to create as much mayhem as possible sounded like something we’d totally be on board with. Unfortunately, no, no we weren’t. Anyone who bought into this hype machine regretted it immediately. Funny enough, they actually developed a damn sequel to this game which is just mind blowing. State of Emergency is the lone game connected to Rockstar that nobody ever brings up when discussing the developer and it’s probably for good reason. Sure, VIS Entertainment developed it, but anyone who recalls it, recalls it as a Rockstar title.

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