The Daily Five: Great Games to Play With Your Family

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Gaming is filled with a lot of experiences that just aren’t geared towards a night or afternoon of fun with your kids or family. Some parents may not be comfortable letting their kids watch Raiden slice some fools in half in Metal Gear Rising nor do they want to see a hooker get beat to death in Grand Theft Auto. However, there are a good amount of games that provide solid family entertainment and games that you can even utilize to get your kids into gaming as well.

As usual, we’ve listed five of those types of games below, but we’d love to hear about other games you think would be great for this.

Media Molecule delivered PlayStation gold when it developed LittleBigPlanet. Not only was it a game where you had endless possibilities to create levels and customize your Sackboy, but it also provided you the ability to bring the platformer into other genres of gaming with LittleBigPlanet 2. This is easily one of the best family-oriented games from this generation and with the incredible amount of user-generated levels and downloadable content, it’s unlikely that you’d ever run out of content to enjoy. This is also a great first step for your kid gamer.

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure/Giants
Outside of being a complete money pit, Skylanders is an innovative title that delivers a fun, enjoyable narrative which is played out by great kid-friendly characters. Skylanders does a great job delivering a character for any play style — even beginners. Whether you want to be a Stealth Elf (our favorite) or a stomping tree, you can work your way through the game with a friend or on your own. The innovative character swap system that allows you to change characters on the fly is awesome and lets multiple family members play with you or just rotate in and out. Activision hit gold through publishing this game, but it goes without saying the upcoming Disney Infinity will probably print money for Disney.

New Super Mario Bros. U
If you’re over the age of 25, there is a good chance you grew up playing Super Mario Bros. and it was your introduction into gaming. In fact, without the super plumber, it’s unlikely we’d have such a great hobby to enjoy to begin with. Thankfully Nintendo continues its tradition of delivering great Mario titles that you can enjoy on your own or with family. This new installment for the Nintendo Wii U allows you and your family to get through new platformer levels together while helping each other out with the new gamepad. Like LittleBigPlanet, Super Mario is a definite first step option for kids.

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