The Daily Five: Greatest Gaming Hells

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Throughout time, countless people all around the world have worked their entire lives to avoid an eternity in Hell. With all the demons, fire, and brimstone, avoiding damnation sounds like a pretty solid game plan. But if video games are to be believed — and why shouldn’t they be? — Hell seems like a pretty cool place to be.

Hell has long proven itself to be a fine setting for games. All of that fire and brimstone makes for imposing window dressing, and demons offer guilt-free fodder for your scornful weaponry; what’s not to like? Mortals do their best to avoid going there, but in video games there isn’t a better place to be.

In celebration of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition’s release on PS4 this week, let’s all throw on some Slayer and talk about the greatest gaming Hells.

God of War (series)

The Daily Five: Greatest Gaming Hells - God of War

With his penchant for indiscriminate murder of anything within a 50-foot radius, it’s no surprise that Kratos finds himself in Greek mythology’s version of Hell so often. Indeed, the underworld features in all but one game in the series, somehow making Kratos all the angrier each time he climbs his way out.

For the most part, Hades is a typical vision of what people expect Hell to be — rivers of magma, souls being tormented by terrible contraptions, and demons aplenty litter the landscape. God of War’s Greek roots, though, means that titans can also find themselves in this terrible place, and God of War III even affords you the opportunity to fight against Hades himself.

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