The Daily Five: Greatest Sidekicks in Gaming

April 19, 2013 | By | No Comments

If Toy Story has taught us anything in life, it’s that having a buddy you can count on is the only way to get through things. Video games teach us that same philosophy all of the time, but we rarely take any time to truly appreciate how valuable those virtual sidekicks really are. Protagonists have been important since day one, but a lot of these guys wouldn’t be as great as they are without a buddy beside them helping them through the task at hand.

We’re sure if these five great sidekicks could tell their companions anything, it would be, “You’ve got a friend in me.”


Pikachu is arguably the greatest sidekick to ever grace a virtual platform. Despite the fact that we can’t understand one word he says, he’s pretty much as close to a real life dog as you’re going to get in the gaming domain. This little guy will stick by your side regardless of the situation and will help you take down anyone standing in your way. When it comes to gaming, Pikachu is probably the only sidekick willing to change his lifestyle so that he can be with you forever. We’re not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but our little electric buddy here lost a ton of weight from his original release back on the Game Boy to today. This change in lifestyle should help him stay alive long enough to finally see Ash Catch’em All


It’s hard to argue against someone who, ultimately, can reach out her hand and save you from dying. A sidekick like that is hard to compete with as immortality is a pretty tough cookie to top. However, Elika takes it an entire step further by never impeding your progress, never being the reason you almost die, and she’s always willing to lend a helping hand. It’s unfortunate that we’ll probably never have an opportunity to go on another adventure with her by our side, but we take comfort in knowing that it was great while it lasted and maybe, just maybe, Ubisoft may take another risk in the future that results in another character like Elika coming to life.


Cortana is both crazy and reliable. Not only will she stay with you through decades of silence, but she’ll help you navigate better than any GPS on the market right now. The girl knows where we need to go and helps get us there often. A lot can be said for a woman that can sit in silence for as long as she did waiting for us to wake up. However, with all of that said, she’s an emotional attachment for a guy that should be nothing more than a thick rock of a protagonist with a specific set of skills that you don’t want to F#@$ with. Everyone knows when Master Chief and Cortana team up to get a job done, it’s going to get done.

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