The Daily Five: Greatest Sidekicks in Gaming

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This may be hard to stomach, but Dark Eco can go a long way in making a lasting friendship that much longer and that much more beneficial. Let’s face it, before that vat of Eco, Daxter was a cowardly, useless friend. However, since then, he’s been nothing more than courageous, reliable, willing to get his hands dirty, and of course — comic relief. Sadly, it’s very unlikely that Barney Stinson would ever choose him as a wingman. That’s ok though because Daxter will always be a wingman for life when it comes to Jak and it comes to our gaming endeavors. This furball and his arsenal of weaponry is a great addition to any gaming moment and we look forward to seeing him again on our PlayStation Vita shortly.

Augustus Cole

Going to war with Augustus Cole would probably be a lot like going to war with Ray Lewis. With that said, Cole was an integral part to the COG offensive in Gears of War and helped Marcus Fenix every step of the way when it came to shutting down the Locust horde. In a way, we’d like to think that he shut the Locust down much like he did offenses in Thrashball back in the glory days of life. Despite his celebrity, Cole wasn’t a primadonna, and could be counted on to man a turret, gun down some invading forces, or just to hold his ground while we took care of business. It’s hard to say for sure whether or not without Cole that COGs could’ve still succeeded, but it probably wouldn’t have been as easy as it was with him. Choo Choo?

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