The Daily Five: Horrifying Game Characters

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Halloween is only one week away, and with Halloween comes the thoughts of all things spooky and scary, both in the real world and in fiction. We’ve certainly seen many a horrifying game and game characters (some for all the wrong reasons), so in the spirit of the season we’re counting off five of our favorite horrifying game characters. Some make the list because they are so monstrous, while others are just horrifyingly evil, and still others manage to make us feel sorry for them because of the horrifying things done to them.

Kefka – Final Fantasy VI


A lot of people would probably wonder how a clown could be so horrifying. Obviously they have never heard of the Joker. Kefka, however, is so horrifyingly evil that even the Joker would be afraid of him. This God of Magic feels that nothing in life has value; that everything is meaningless. Because of this, he is perfectly fine with destroying the world. You read that right. The guy in the clown make-up is so evil that he literally destroyed the world in Final Fantasy VI. If people talk about how evil and despicable Sephiroth is because he stabbed Aerith through the heart, how should they feel about a man so psychotic that he would attempt to end everything? Those who do survive either choose to worship Kefka or be eradicated by his “Light of Judgement,” a beam of light that incinerates anything it touches.

So, a man who wants to destroy the world, doesn’t value life, and gets pleasure from killing the innocent? Sounds pretty horrifying to us.

The Witch – Left 4 Dead


There’s nothing quite like playing through a game of Left 4 Dead with a group of friends while chatting and having a good time. There is one character, though, that can stop the conversation dead: The Witch. The moment the first sobs of a Witch are heard, players themselves will get very quiet, reminding their teammates to turn off their flashlights. The Witch is so fierce and so horrifying that she forces the players themselves to remain silent, as if any chatter between friends over the internet would alert her. Players are wise to steer clear of a Witch, for a world of pain awaits the one who gets her attention. Sad in her whimpers, terrifying in her abilities, and unique in her skill in silencing a rowdy group of gamers; the Witch is truly horrifying.

Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2

pyramid head

Now the “face” of the Silent Hill franchise, Pyramid Head is an intimidating foe to be sure. His huge stature, incredibly large blade, and disturbing visage make him a horrifying sight to behold. When players consider that he is invincible and only leaves fights because he feels like it, they realize they are impotent against this behemoth. He toys with players, often watching them run away without making a move. At other times, we must endure his “torture” of the other monsters roaming the town.

Possibly the most horrifying part of Pyramid Head is what he may represent. All the creatures of Silent Hill 2 are being created by the subconscious of game protagonist James Sunderland. Then what does Pyramid Head represent? Some suggest he is an embodiment of the guilt James feels about losing his wife. Others take that meaning further and suggest it is actually James under the helmet, wishing to punish or even kill himself. Still others consider Pyramid Head a symbol of not only guilt, but of sexual repression as well. No matter what you feel is the true interpretation, you must realize the horrifying fact: You are projecting your own feelings onto the motives and origins of Pyramid Head. What do you feel so guilty about?

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