The Daily Five: LEGO Games We Want

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As fun as blasting aliens with space marines, sailing the Caribbean, and struggling to survive against an army of crazed cult members is, sometimes you just want a game that is funny and safe for the entire family. That is what has made the Lego games great for so long. They manage to combine basic action/platforming gameplay with nostalgia, humor, and just a hefty dose of family fun. After playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes (be sure to look for our review soon) and with the upcoming Lego Hobbit game, we were thinking about what Lego sets should be converted into digital entertainment next. Here are five Lego games that we think need to be made.

Back to the Future


The minute this set was announced, Lego enthusiasts everywhere wanted a video game adaptation. There has never been a great Back to the Future game done outside of the point-and-click adventure sequel and this would be the perfect opportunity for one. Imagine exploring the four different eras of Hill Valley in brick form, from the old west all the way to the series’s version of 2015. Levels featuring Marty on the hoverboard, escaping from Biff and his gang, just scream to be made.

The film franchise was a case of pure Hollywood adventure fun, and a video game adaptation of the Lego sets would be able to turn that up to exponential proportions. If Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd would be willing to return and reprise their roles as Marty and Doc, this would be an absolute blast and the perfect way to introduce a new generation to these fun films.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


The perfect version of a Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game would take some additional licensing, but the results could be glorious. If Lego could acquire the license for the original TMNT series as well as the modern, a mash-up featuring both versions of the characters could be a cool family bonding experience. Many reading this grew up on the original TMNT cartoons and would relish the chance to play as their version of Raph, Leo, Donny, or Mikey. Now imagine sitting their on the coach with your young boy or girl as they play with their favorite Turtle from the modern series. Quality family time spent playing a fun, safe video game with a common interest. That is so warm and fuzzy that it is almost an after-school special.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that TMNT would be perfect for a video game. Chasing Foot Soldiers through the streets of a Lego-fied version of New York (like what we saw in Lego Marvel) as four mutant turtles carrying ninja weapons? Sounds like fun to us.



There have been several Disney franchises converted into the famous bricks of Lego, from Mickey Mouse and the Disney Princesses to the Pixar Studios creations like Toy Story and Cars. A game that combined all of Disney’s wonderful characters into one game could be a magical experience for the entire family that only Walt Disney himself could imagine.

We’re thinking a game similar to a very old NES game that tasked players with exploring the different attractions of the Magical Kingdom in order to rescue the various denizens of the Disney universe. This time, players could take control of Lego versions of Mickey, Woody, and other classic Disney heroes as they scoured the enchanted castle of Disney World looking for their friends. Racing levels from Cars, magic carpet levels featuring Aladdin, and copious cameos from Disney’s acquired Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Marvel licenses would just be a start. Actually, the more we talk about this, our inner children just want to play this that much more.

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