The Daily Five: Lousiest Next-Gen Features/Requirements

June 20, 2013 | By | 9 Comments

PlayStation 4 + USTREAM

When Sony announced that it was going to provide gamers with the opportunity to stream live as they played, it was a pretty cool feature to include with the PlayStation 4. However, while Microsoft was landing the superior streaming site, Twitch, to provide a similar feature to Xbox One owners, Sony was having to settle for second best, U-STREAM. Sadly, USTREAM just isn’t the same as Twitch and the quality of stream isn’t up to snuff or comparable. It’s a minor blow, but it’s something that makes the feature pretty lousy in comparison.

Disc Required For Play on Xbox One

A really cool feature that Microsoft was offering is the ability to play games after you install them without the disc. Unfortunately, with yesterdays news of removing the DRM features of the Xbox One, gamers lost the ability to play games without the disc in the tray. Honestly, we wish this was a feature offered by both consoles and while Sony doesn’t offer it either, it’s a blow to Microsoft to have to remove it. It’s a lousy situation to have to give up one thing to get another.

First-Day Patch to remove DRM

Yesterday Microsoft announced that gamers would be able to remove the built-in DRM on the Xbox One through a release day patch. And, while this was great news for many gamers, the sad truth behind it is that gamers who do not have access to internet are still in the exact same situation that was screwing them over in the first place. Hopefully Microsoft can remedy this situation by providing the upgrade via launch titles, but it’s unlikely. This is a lousy requirement that only gets worse given what side of the fence you’re sitting on.

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  • Kenny f’n Powers

    You don’t HAVE to have PS+ for Online Play. Sony has repeatedly said that the option is on the game publishers to have the option of making PS+ mandatory. Not all game companies are about charging for multiplayer.

    • Velox

      No, Sony has stated that SOE titles will not be behind a pay wall. They’ve also said that publishers will not be allowed to sell online passes because they don’t want people double-dipping for online gaming since PS+ is already required. They’ve also said that the only publishers that will be able to decide whether or not to put online play behind a pay wall is F2P publishers.

      • Guest

        Your all wrong. They said its going to be just like the way it is on the PS3 except you will need a PS+ membership. Its the choice of the publisher to sell the online passes when games are resold or not, but said that SOE titles will not require an online pass if resold.

        • Scots

          Please don’t talk about my all wrong that way.

    • Dan

      Yes you do. Sony has said it is many times. Publishers just can’t make you pay any more extra to play online.

  • Reigen

    i mostly don’t play multiplayer, and that’s unlikely to change when i get a ps4, but ill still remain a ps plus subscriber because the value you get with the service is just incredible
    why would anyone deny themselves this amazing service?

    • Hmm

      Yes, the incredible value of games i dont want lol

      • Ross Robinson

        Month for month, dollar for dollar, prepaid PSN is cheaper than XBLive.

  • Mallion

    Having games load without discs seems like a great idea but the way M$ went about it, which was to remove our ownership of said games & instead sell us a license of USE, is wrong! I DO NOT & will NEVER buy a system I don’t own the games for. Giving up my right to ownership and resale for the convenience of not having to swap a gaming disc is a stupid argument that only extremely lazy people would try to make.
    As far as a day one patch to fix the DRM issue..if it can be fixed that easily it can clearly be re-implemented just as easy once the install base peaks. The 360 is the last M$ console I will purchase & for good reason, they simply don’t get it. They still aren’t getting it. The changes they recently made should of never had to of been made if they had designed a console around what gamers actually want as opposed to what the suits at M$ imagine we want. Or better still, not listen to EA about what we want. For f*ck sake they are the worst company in the world two years running for a reason!!