The Daily Five: Memorable Collector’s Editions

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It’s that time of year again: A bevy of hot, new release games are set to come out in just a few short weeks and stores are going to put on the pressure to pre-order. Now let’s be honest: More of us than are willing to admit it are going to put down a little cash to pre-order that latest title so we can get a few extra digital goodies or a poster. The question is this: Do you go for the regular version or that expensive super-duper-uber-deluxe-huge collector’s edition?

Most collector’s editions are usually not worth it. An extra $30-$50 for a small figure, a poorly-put-together art book, and maybe an extra DLC pack that will be included as part of that season pass you’ll have to buy later anyway. There are a few, however, that are worth the price of admission and more. Well… they’re at least memorable. Today, in the spirit of the wallet apocolypse many gamers will be facing in the next few months, we count down five of the most memorable collector’s editions of the last generation.

Halo 3 – Legendary Edition


How can we talk about memorable collector’s editions without talking about one that is… Well, Legendary? Not only did the Halo 3 Legendary Edition include the game and two bonus discs packed with extras (Cinematics, Behind the Scenes Docs, and much more), but it came enclosed in a scale model of Master Chief’s helmet! While just a big hunk of plastic, it was still a unique collectible that deserves a place of honor on any Halo fan’s shelf. Legendary indeed.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Fortune Hunter Edition


Whenever a game is marketed as a “limited edition,” consumers have learned to take the term with a grain of salt. Sure, it’s limited to a batch of a few thousand, but it has no real value as a “limited” edition. However, Uncharted 2′s Fortune Hunter Edition was a REAL limited edition. Included in the package was the game (including exclusive DLC), a strategy guide, an art book, a copy of the official soundtrack, a replica of the Phurba dagger featured in the game, and was all encased in a special package autographed by members of Naughty Dog. This sounds like a great special edition of the game, but what made it a real collector’s item is the fact that it was never sold in stores. The Fortune Hunter Edition was only given out to a select group of contest winners. Only 200 are believed to have been produced. Hardcore collectors could always try to snag a copy on eBay, but expect to pay for it: They can go for about $10k.

BioShock 2 – Collector’s Edition


While many would consider BioShock 2 to be the black sheep of the BioShock franchise, its Special Edition was second to none. One of the most unique special editions released this generation, BioShock 2′s came with a copy of the game, the orchestral score on both CD and LP (as in a record!), a 164-page art book, and a set of Rapture propaganda posters. While unique already for the sheer size of the art book and the fact that it included an LP, the posters are what made this special edition stand out from the pack. Several months after the game’s release, it was discovered there were hidden anti-Andrew Ryan messages on each of the posters that could only be discovered under a black light. You know… kind of like they had been written in blood or something? If you don’t believe it, see for yourself:


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