The Daily Five: Most Stylish Characters

May 13, 2013 | By | No Comments

This is a great example of being able to be bat-shit crazy but still be completely capable of having style as well. You’d think that someone with the Joker’s personality would be incapable of having such fantastic taste, but he never disappoints with his wardrobe. Unfortunately, his look is very deceptive and is often filled with gadgets and gizmos that will render you unconscious.

The Cast of Eternal Sonata
Eternal Sonata is a beautiful game that offers gamers a visually stunning world to explore and go to war in. Not only that, but it also introduces you to a variety of characters that are dressed stunningly well given the situation they’re in. Regardless, the classical styling matches perfectly with the world of Chopin’s dreams and definitely lends itself well to the overall soundtrack of the game. Cheerio?

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