The Daily Five: Overpowered Weapons

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Gamers have amassed an amazing arsenal of virtual weaponry over the years; from the basic pistols and assault rifles, all the way to strange oddities such as the Fart in the Jar in Saints Row: The Third. Yet, there are those weapons that stand out from the rest. They aren’t more memorable because they are particularly unique or well designed. No, we remember these weapons because they have the capability to decimate everything in their path with the greatest of ease.

Today, Stealthy Box lists off five of the most overpowered weapons in the history of gaming.

Tecmo Super Bowl – Bo Jackson

No matter what you say, Bo makes this list. Yes, he is an actual man and wouldn’t traditionally be considered a weapon. Yet, we dare you to play the NES classic Tecmo Super Bowl against someone controlling the Raiders and the beast that is Bo Jackson, and tell us that he isn’t a deadly weapon. There was no way to stop Bo in Tecmo Super Bowl; players could only hope to contain him. The only way to compete against the Raiders was to play as the New York Giants and stop Jackson with Lawrence Taylor. Outside of that, Bo Jackson was able to destroy the defense of every other team in the game and running the ball with him was almost like having an “Instant Win” button on the controller. That makes him a pretty overpowered weapon to us.

Mega Man 2 – Metal Blades

It is impossible to have a list of overpowered video game weapons and not talk about the Metal Blades from Mega Man 2 (seriously, there may actually be a law). While Mega Man is a franchise full of checks and balances (bosses are weak against certain weapons but resistant to others, some weapons have high energy cost, etc), the Metal Blades ignores them all. They cost so little energy to use that most players just completely replace the Mega Buster with them once they are acquired, they can shoot in every direction, and (almost) every boss is weak against them. Even the owner of the Metal Blades, Metal Man, is weak against them! It is possible to use the Metal Blades and defeat Metal Man in just one or two hits. Makes you wonder what would have happened if Metal Man had just nicked his fingers on the Blades in the first place, doesn’t it?

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