The Daily Five: Pokemon That Make Your Life Better

June 17, 2013 | By | 3 Comments

In every day life we’re faced with inconveniences that just flat-out suck. Maybe there will be a thunderstorm on the release day of a game you’ve been waiting for and the power goes out or maybe there has been a ridiculous drought in your region and they’ve put a water restriction into effect. All of these things seems like minor annoyances, but we’ve figured out the five greatest Pokemon that should be able to help make your life that much better.

Just as a heads up. We’re only qualifying the first 150 Pokemon here. After all, any true Pokemon enthusiasts knows that the first 150 were the only Pokemon that mattered.

This cute little guy is going to come in handy on a lot of occasions, especially if you live in a place like Arizona or Texas. While others may be sweating it out and watching the heat reach a ridiculous height, Squirtle can do his best to cool you down with water or just get the pool filled up and ready to go. He’s also capable of watering your grass and I’m going to guess mowing it as it looks like he’s definitely down to being a herbivore, right?

So many people in the world face insomnia or just struggle to fall asleep when they need to. This is where Jigglypuff comes in. Though this seems to be such a small addition to your life, nothing feels better than a perfect night sleep. This is something that Jigglypuff can offer in spades. Not only that, but ol’Jiggly is probably a great Pokemon to get a hug from too.

Machamp is the type of Pokemon that people see and say, “I don’t want to mess with that guy.” Think about how valuable that would be in your daily life. Rough part of town? No problem. Nobody is going to screw with you with this guy around. Having trouble opening that jar? Smooth sailing with Machamp around. He’s multipurpose and can definitely handle any tough situation from pushing your car if it runs out of gas to doing any heavy lifting you may need done.

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