The Daily Five: PS2 Games We Want on PlayStation Now

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When Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service was announced on Tuesday, we wasted no time in coming up with a list of solid PlayStation 3 titles we would love to see available when the service launches. However, we all know the PlayStation catalog goes way deeper than that. Sony has made it no secret that they want to eventually include offerings from the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, potentially with new challenges and trophies. If they decide to go this route, here are our five titles from the PS2 era we would love to see.

Resident Evil 4


Stop. We know what you are going to say. “Resident Evil 4 was originally for the GameCube!” “There was a HD re-release of RE4 on the PS3.” Despite these arguments, Resident Evil 4 would make a welcome edition to the Now streaming service. After the disappointment that was Resident Evil 5 and the utter disaster known as Resident Evil 6, we feel people would relish the chance to step back into Leon’s shoes as he attempts to rescue the President’s daughter. Sure, the controls are going to feel dated, but who is going to pass up the chance to shoot chainsaw wielding maniacs in the head one more time?

A challenge we would love to see for this title is a play on a popular fan challenge: No Merchant, requiring players to complete the game without ever visiting the merchant. Bonus trophies for performing this enormous task on higher difficulties would also be nice.

Final Fantasy XII


While Final Fantasy XII has managed to sell over 5 million copies worldwide, many have not had the chance to experience this fabulous title due to its release after the Xbox 360 launch and just as the PlayStation 3 was hitting the market. Receiving high praise from critics and fans alike, this title deserves to shine once more. This tale of rebelling against the tyranny of a corrupt government would surely find a brand new audience in this generation in addition to the millions who have played it before thirsting for the chance to visit Ivalice one more time.

A nice, difficult challenge for Final Fantasy XII would be one that required players to defeat bosses with only one character. Do you think you have the patience and potions necessary to pull this off? We’d love for you to have the chance to step up to the plate and prove your mettle.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4


If Final Fantasy XII came late in the PlayStation 2′s lifecycle, then Persona 4 was released when the PS2 was on its deathbed. This RPG from the fine people at Atlus hit the market just as the PS3 and Xbox 360 were beginning to hit their stride, releasing in 2008 (2009 in Europe). While an updated version has since been released on the Vita in the form of Persona 4: Golden, we believe more people would be able to experience this critically acclaimed title if it were to be apart of the PlayStation Now service. This unique blend of RPG and simulation is sure to garner even more rabid fans if it is able to be played on the PS4 or PS3 via the service. Where else are you going to find such an interesting blend of gameplay set against the backdrop of a small Japanese town where characters must rescue captives from the world of TV?

A challenge we would love to see implemented for those with nerves of steel would be one that required players to complete the game on the hardest difficulty with all characters under a certain level. Different levels of trophies could be awarded depending on how low the level of the highest rated character is.

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