The Daily Five: PSN Gems at PS4′s Launch

November 15, 2013 | By | No Comments

We’ve spent the last two weeks giving you five reasons to buy some of the biggest launch titles coming to the PlayStation 4. Now that the console is in the hands of gamers all over North America, we’re sure more than a few picked up games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, NBA 2K14, Battlefield 4, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

But what about the little guys? Sure, blockbuster releases are what sell consoles, but there’s plenty more to play besides AAA releases. So if you need something to cool you down after a marathon session of Need for Speed: Rivals, here are a few suggestions.


Housemarque is responsible for some of the best games to ever grace the PlayStation Network with Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation, and they look to keep that momentum going on Day 1 of a new generation. They’ve proven that they can not only make a technical showcase for new hardware, but throw addictive arcade action behind it.

The cream of the initial PS4 Instant Game Collection crop, Resogun is available free to all PlayStation 4 buyers. Not a PlayStation Plus subscriber? There’s a 30-day trial membership included with your PS4. There’s no reason not to try it unless you’re not connected to the internet. Get on it, doggone it!


One of the very best PlayStation Network games is now available on PlayStation 4, and it looks better than ever. It’s been bumped up to full 1080p and runs at 60fps, while maintaining the serene motion-controlled magic that made the original PS3 release so memorable.

If you bought Flower on PlayStation 3, then you don’t have to do a thing — just mosey on over to the PlayStation Store on your PS4 and hit download, as it’s a cross-buy title for PS3, PS4, and even PS Vita. If you haven’t bought Flower, what are you waiting for?

Blacklight: Retribution

It’s possible that you got to this point of the list without spending a penny, and that trend continues with the free-to-play Blacklight: Retribution. If you wanted to get a shooter with your PS4 but spent your money elsewhere, Zombie Studios has you covered.

Blacklight has been on PC for a while now, and it’s proven to be a quality shooter worth sinking your teeth into, whether or not you buy into any microtransactions. “Pay-to-win” is an easy trap to fall into, but you’re guaranteed a good time whether or not you spend any money.

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