The Daily Five: Questions For The Walking Dead Season 2

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Telltale Games finally confirmed Season 2 of their epic The Walking Dead point-and-click adventure game series. The first season was a dark, bleak, and sad experience that will stick with us for a long time to come. Now, as we prepare ourselves for the emotional pain that Telltale is going to inflict on us this time, our thoughts begin to wander. There are just a few things lurking in the back of our minds that we desperately want to know. We’ve compiled a list of five such questions we want (Read: NEED) answered in The Walking Dead Season 2.

Readers beware: If you haven’t completed The Walking Dead Season 1 and/or the 400 Days DLC and you plan to do so, avoid reading this list. Spoilers will not be held back.

What happened to Omid and Christa?


The last time we saw this couple, they were hanging out (literally) with Lee on a sign on the rooftops of Savannah. After becoming separated, Lee orders the couple to get out of there by either going back to the train, getting to the boatyard, or finding him later. We don’t see them again for the rest of the season. So what happened to them? Did they find Clementine after she was able to escape Savannah? Did they get eaten by walkers as well? This is something we need to know.

Although we don’t meet Omid and Christa until near the end of the third episode, we grew to actually care for them. Omid reminded a lot of people of themselves in how, despite the desperate times, he tried to keep the mood light. Christa seemed like she had a hard edge, but she actually had a warm heart and wanted the best for Clementine, especially after miscarrying a baby of her own (speculated anyway). We would hate to think that we won’t hear of their fate. Maybe it would be for the best, however, if they too met their end by the teeth and claws of a zombie.

But while we consider the idea that Omid and Christa didn’t survive…

How has Clem survived on her own?


Clementine has proven to be an extremely intelligent and resourceful little girl. Yet, she is still just that: a small child. It is hard to imagine that she survived the gap between Season 1 and Season 2 on her own. Could she have survived out there all on her own? We know (as stated above) that Omid and Christa were sent out of the city by Lee, but we don’t know if they made it out (they did have a LOT of walkers to go through). We see two figures shambling in the distance after the final credits roll, but are those walkers or people? If they are people, how do we know they are going to be as keen on helping Clementine as Lee and his group was?

There is so much we don’t know about how Clem was able to make it that we need to know. Like…

Are the survivors of 400 Days in Clem’s group or adversaries?


In the 400 Days DLC, we were introduced to a new group of survivors that contained some less-than-savory people in it. I mean there was a killer, a drug addict, a guy that left a maniac to kill a couple of elderly people, a stoner that was willing to leave his best friend behind, and a woman that would do almost anything to protect her younger sister. Maybe Clem could find a home with these people. Just as likely, however, is that she wouldn’t be able to trust them with a secret let alone her life.

I’m not saying that the group from 400 Days are all bad mind you. Vince, while a killer, seemed to have his reasons. Wyatt was under a great deal of duress when he drove away from his friend. Shel would do anything to protect her sister, so maybe she could see a child like Clementine in the same light.

We’ll find out more about this group at the very least, as Telltale has said more than once how many people make it the community mentioned at the end of 400 Days has an effect on Season 2. Speaking of that community, that got us wondering…

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