The Daily Five: Reasons Why Sony Will Win This Next Generation

September 11, 2013 | By | 31 Comments

Brand loyalists for Sony and Microsoft created a console war when the original Xbox was released and Sony was moving PlayStation 2 units freely. Since then, these imaginary wars have escalated to the point where the console manufacturers themselves have gotten into verbal jabs to pour more fuel on the fire. Last generation Microsoft managed to make up a tremendous amount of ground on Sony when it came to world market share but eventually fell to the reigning champ late in the life cycle. Though some of you may give this victory to Nintendo, none of the three companies consider Nintendo in the same console war as Sony and Microsoft.

As we creep closer to November 15th and the release of PlayStaton 4, the console wars are going to once again heat up and it’s going to be brand loyalists doing most of the in-house fighting. However, unlike this past generation where Microsoft made up a significant amount of ground, we’re expecting Sony to create more distance between the two than there already is.

We’ve come to this conclusion based on the following five factors:

Price Point

Everyone knows and appreciates that Sony has marketed the PlayStation 4 at $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox One. However, but what a lot of people aren’t taking into account is the long game of this approach. Sony launching at $399 compared to Microsoft’s $499 allows Sony to win over the course of several years. Microsoft has no plans to release an Xbox One without Kinect, so that $100 price differential is going to last a long time. While both companies will figure out ways to cut costs and release hardware revisions, Sony is always going to be able to push its price cut lower than Microsoft’s until we’re all 4-5 years down the line. The only way Microsoft can conceivable undercut or match Sony is if they were to release the console without Kinect, and that’s not going to happen.

Indie Developers

Microsoft has dominated this past generation with a ton of great indie titles either in a timed exclusive way like Braid and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons or total exclusives like Monaco. Sony had its fair share of indie titles as well, but it couldn’t really compete when it came down to the exclusivity of it all. This time around, Sony is showing independent developers a ridiculous amount of love and in return, PlayStation owners are going to reap the benefits of owning the PS4. If we’re being perfectly honest, not enough gamers understand how great of a value it is to pick up a couple of $4.99-$14.99 titles in between all of the $60 games being released. Take advantage of these great values — the games may only run 3-6 hours in length, but there is a good chance you’ll enjoy every moment of it.

PlayStation Plus

Gamers have already realized how amazing PlayStation Plus is and it’s only going to get better as the PlayStation 4 starts to circulate around the globe. It’s easy to see the value you get back for your money — hell, it’s quite possible that if you don’t mind playing titles a little late, you will never need to buy another game again so long as you have PS+. That’s one hell of a bargain. Microsoft is just barely starting to understand how powerful this feature is for Sony, and the only thing it’s really done to combat it is to offer 5-year old titles that not too many people are really too interested in. Sony is undoubtedly going to use this to its advantage and continue to give gamers an onslaught of games to play as time passes.

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  • David Jagneaux

    I am surprised that AAA exclusives or some other software arguments weren’t included on this list. You mention indie developers, but that’s a whole other thing that Microsoft is starting to encroach on. Great list, but I know for myself, it’s always been about the games and the fact is that PlayStation has more games I care about.

    • Velox

      Great software is something available on every PlayStation home console to date. That’s not going to be the defining reason for why Sony regains the market share edge by a significant portion, IMO. That’s something we’re already used to. These five things are advantages and improvements that weren’t available prior to PlayStation 4 (outside of the global thing, which I still believe is very important).

  • Bailey Lawrence

    Seriously biased… Just read the PS+ section. You’re paying to rent games and get deals. Live is doing the same exact thing with F2P, deals, sales, free games, on top of Gold. That’s a big added extra with no extra cost to what I was paying for before, and was still extremely happy with the service.

    • Travis Tucker

      If I want to buy a PS4 and not pay for PlayStation Plus, I lose out on online play, free games, and discounts. If I get a Xbox One and don’t get Gold, I lose out on: Online play, free OLD games, F2P games, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Twitch streaming, and numerous other features that are not blocked behind a pay wall on the PS4.

      You call it renting games, but it only costs $50 a year to renew, allowing you to continuously keep those games and add to the collection, for PS4 and Vita… and still PS3 I would assume. You would already be paying $60 a year (Yes, I know it can often be found discounted) for Xbox Live Gold for online play anyway. So the idea of “renting” games is invalid, as you are going to be paying for the service on the Xbox One, so what is the big deal about getting Plus on PS4? I have never understood this argument.

      Yes, I get it. You can keep the games you get free from gold forever. But what have they given? Crackdown, Assassin’s Creed II, Dead Rising 2, Rainbow Six Vegas… all games that have been out for a good long while.

    • Mrteapot

      Of course it’s biased but hey Sony pays the guy other fanboys I don’t see the motivation. Have one console so they can dictate whatever they want?

      • Velox

        How is it biased? Because it favors one company over the other? I think people need to start looking up that word. Nothing in this article is incorrect or not factual at all. It’s all based on facts. If you think any of it is incorrect, let me know. I’ll edit it to reflect that change.

  • JeffersonsGhost

    You get what you pay for and I want innovations. Not a console trying to play catch up with it’s sole competition.

    Let all the kiddos get PS4s. Fine by me. They are all awful at Battlefield anyways. :p

    • Paz

      Also keep in mind that most of the xbox one “features” are available in the USA only.

    • Kayoss860

      Kiddos huh? Have you been on Xbox live. It’s filled with little “kiddos” that like to spew racist remarks or drop f bombs. But I guess you’re fit right in. Most of these kids own their Xbox because mommy and daddy need to get them something to shut them up.

    • Lemondish

      I love how you talk about innovation and then bring up Battlefield.

  • Scots

    Objectively speaking, if preorder patterns are any indication, PS is already on its way to a big early lead.

  • Mrteapot

    Coming from an author who wrote for PSU writing this article has already deemed you a certified Sony fanboy with a bias article spread.
    PS claimed superior graphics this generation and having both systems I saw no difference. I’ve played playstation since the very first one and understand brand loyalty, at the same remember the price tag of PS 3 being and paying 600$ Sony knowing they we’re top dog at the time.

    I’ll stick with xbox why? After they shot themselves in the foot they reversed all policies, but mainly I find Microsoft online superior and engrossing then the PSN. Sony can play on the “supposed” superior graphics like they already did this generation, while PC users laugh at the argument. Please Sony fanboys stop making this console war into a twilight fanboy team Jacob team Edward like I’ve read in dozens of other articles lol

    • Velox

      You’re entitled to your opinion Mr. Tea. The $600 price tag decision was mentioned in the article.

      • Mrteapot

        Thx don’t get me wrong I regret not being able to play another God of war in the future but that’s about it

    • Kayoss860

      There you go again with the pc argument. Everyone with a half a brain knows a pc will out class any console even a dimwit yourself. But is a pc considered a gaming console? Microsoft online superior? What rewards have they giving you for being a gold member, was it a whole nickel? I own both ps3 and xbox360. I can say for the last 4 years the online service has no differences. So keep thinking that way and you may get a whole dime as a reward for being a loyal gold member. Rofl

      • Velox

        Kayoss, please try not to make personal attacks within the comment section. It’s not needed to get your opinion across. Thanks.

      • Mrteapot

        Your then agreeing with my argument and pointing out the fanboyism
        When it comes to console I enjoy the competitive fps and the feel of the xbox controller

        When it comes to console online subscription it guarantees
        Security and I disagree with xbox not allowing Netflix
        But like the
        Private servers coming for cod in the future next time make your point clearer bud remember PS is charging now funny huh

        • Velox

          Actually, Mr. TeaPot, Microsoft’s security with Xbox Live was atrocious. You should read up on the FIFA fiasco where Microsoft reps were giving out account information of their users to complete strangers. These strangers would then empty out the paypal accounts and sometimes bank accounts of people whose accounts were compromised.

          Sony has offered dedicated servers for the PlayStation 3 this entire generation as well. Microsoft has only had a handful of games that offered that.

        • Kayoss860

          Yes they are now charging but they are giving back more then what Microsoft. For the last 7 years what benefits have gold member received? Cross chat?
          How can you say that Microsoft online is superior when everything is behind a pay wall? From Facebook to Netflix which you either get free or already paid a subscription for is behind a pay wall. Even browsing the Internet on Xbox 360 is behind a pay wall.

          Yes I was a Microsoft fanboy, but after seeing how Microsoft nickel and domed me, I got tired. I still have my 360 to play their exclusives single campaign such as halo, gears, and fora. But psn+ is where I put my money.

  • Demetre HG

    Sony lmfao keep fuckin dreaming

  • Sharon Fontenot

    I’m interested in seeing the doors that Twitch will open for people who do the Watch n Play type programs and reviewers.

  • Mrteapot

    I’ll be straight with you David as a gamer I don’t take sides, maybe since I was maybe in junior high.
    But until now all this anti propaganda by Sony to make Microsoft a bad guy is getting ridiculous, I remember when $ony announced there price for the PS 3 being 600$ and a rep said hey you can always get a second job.
    Now there both corporations and want to make money and both blatantly ripped off each other but who wins Sony? Xbox? No the gamers win in variety and pricing.
    Love that most great games are multi console and you as a gamer should embrace competition cause as a consumer you win.

    • Velox

      Maybe I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here. Where are we not embracing competition? It’s not like we’re saying Sony is going to put Microsoft out of business (they’re not). Competition breeds excellence and innovation.

      • Mrteapot

        We’ll to be honest I don’t see any of the competition wii includes going anywhere.
        But your article bias it maybe is the dozens I’ve read by fanboyism over the last month, kinda like a Sony pat on the back.
        So these kinda articles aren’t new prolly a little late in the game to ne honest lol
        I look forward to xbox one for online multiplayer and titanfall. And my PC for raw power….maybe I’ll go back to team Sony if they release God of war eventually

        • Velox

          I don’t get it. What article bias? Can you please be more specific, man?

  • Lemondish

    I disagree with your assertion that Sony couldn’t compete on indie chops this gen. Just look at titles like Journey, Guacamelee, Walking Dead, Sound Shapes, Thomas was Alone, and more. Some are multi plat, sure, but the PS3 is still a fantastic place for indie titles and has been for quite a while.

  • Reality

    The #1 reason ..Microsoft made themselves the pariah of this console generation.

  • Jarbloko

    i dont need to read a article to know that.

  • GamerX

    And that’s why i am going to get both of them so they both win in my book.

  • Tim Green

    yea yea.. despite what everyone says.. you just watch. xbox one will end up victorious.

    • Kvothe_ModTech