The Daily Five: Reasons to Buy Saints Row IV Over GTA V

July 10, 2013 | By | 9 Comments

The gameplay trailer that Rockstar released yesterday for Grand Theft Auto V was all kinds of impressive, and hype levels are unsurprisingly at critical mass. We’re swept up in it, too, and we gave five reasons why — if you had to pick just one — to choose GTA V over Saints Row IV.

But that wouldn’t be looking at the whole story, would it? After all, Saints Row IV still looks amazing. Given a set number of the right reasons — maybe five? — it might even be the open-world game to go with when it releases in a few short weeks.

Be Who You Really Want to Be

GTA V will feature three playable protagonists, and with Rockstar’s track record they’re probably going to be compelling, well-written characters. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are hardly a beacon of diversity, though — all men, two of them white. Not terribly exciting, that.

If you want to play as someone that’s more you, Saints Row IV is the only way to go. Male, female, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, and anything in between is fair game, and that’s barely scratching the surface. About the only thing that you can’t change is the fact that you’re playing as President of the United States, but why would you? I mean…

Keith David is Your Vice President

Keith David has been certifiably badass in a number of different film and television roles for over 30 years, but gamers might know him best as the voice of Captain David Anderson in the Mass Effect series, or the Arbiter in Halo 2 and 3. He’s got a voice that’ll grow hair on your knuckles and brow just by hearing it, and this concentrated mass of machismo is your Number Two.

We can’t stress enough how amazing this is. Do you know how many other games, shows, and movies can claim Keith David in the role of vice president? Literally none. Keith David as Vice President Keith David. He’s barely even playing a character!

Keith David!

Outrageous Weaponry

Grand Theft Auto always has a wide range of weapons and copious amounts of ammunition to match, but how crazy does it really get? Miniguns, rockets, and tanks are great, but they’re hardly unique.

Saints Row IV has some of the craziest weapons we’ve seen this side of a Ratchet & Clank game. The Inflate-o-ray lets you inflate an enemy’s head to preposterous proportions. The dubstep gun allows you to load dubstep into one end and shoot dubstep out the other. A goddamn ‘Merica Weapon. That’s to say nothing of the fact that you have superpowers that let you jump, run, and glide all over the city with ease.

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  • Jan Compaf

    wait what?
    rebuy same game with new stuff?
    i mean the game is taking place in same small city from SR3
    should have been an addon for SR3
    who ever gets this over GTA5 is a retard

    • Joe Garcia

      If only someone would write the opposite of this story.


      • Nathan

        I knew that the typo at the beginning of this article seemed curious. The two stories were published a day apart, and this one happens to start with the mistake of “to choose GTA V over Saints Row IV.” Thank you Joe.

    • Dakan45

      Silene you are retards, gta iv was CRAP CRAP CPAP.
      This game is fun, it is BETTER and BIGGER than saints row iv with better missions and more variety but HEY what matters you MORONS is to have better graphics and change mechanics for the sake of changing them so you RETARDS wont call this a “dlc” or “addon”

      Are you retarded?

      The tomb raider games back in playstation were basicly the same, fans were happy.

      So why whine?

  • Steve

    this is the most bias thing I’ve ever read in my life. “GTAIV will have narrative and story, obviously noone wants that”.

  • Reneid Klein

    I couldn’t give less of a crap about GTA. Never cared for the series. However, Saints Row IV looks like it will be awesome for the mechs, dubstep and super powers. I’ll likely go play SR3 first since it is free to get me hyped for SR4.

  • AL

    I’m just gonna buy both anyway like i always have.

  • Jason Stafford

    Still going with GTA 5. Saints Row was just kind of a mistress that I went with while GTA was on hiatus. And Im going back to them. Deal with it.

  • regh

    whoever who was buting saints row iv over gta v, especially because of this article is a real dumb