The Daily Five: Super Easy RPGs

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Role-playing games are among the most enduring genres in our medium, but they’re not usually the most accessible. They’re notorious for being dozens of hours long, many of which are filled with repetitive grinding and convoluted stories. That might not be a totally fair assessment, but if you’re not already compelled by that kind of thing, RPGs can seem a bit impenetrable.

It doesn’t always have to be this way, though. In fact, easily digestible RPGs have been coming out for years now. While many have found joy in some of the most hardcore games around, sometimes people just want to level up without feeling like they’re taking an applied physics test.

So let’s go ahead and explore some of the easiest RPGs that you can boot up. They’re not exactly Dark Souls, but they’ll give you the bare essentials in a light and fun package.

Costume Quest

Super Easy RPGs - Costume Quest

Costume Quest has earned itself a respectable following, and the parts that people love about Double Fine’s downloadable RPG also happen to be what make it so accessible.

Costume Quest isn’t a sprawling epic, and can be easily beaten in one sitting (two, if you want to savor it a bit). And rather than being about a cataclysmic, world-ruining event, it’s simply about two fraternal twins trick-or-treating on Halloween. Anyone who’s celebrated the holiday can easily relate to their imaginations running wild as they build the ultimate costume, and that whimsy is what powers the game’s epic-yet-simplified battle system.

It’s injected with all the charm and humor that we’ve come to expect from Double Fine, and it was popular enough to warrant a sequel that’s slated for release before Halloween 2014. Even if you aren’t an RPG nut, Costume Quest has a lot to love.

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