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South Park: The Stick of Truth

Super Easy RPGs - South Park: The Stick of Truth

Despite being developed by the veteran RPG studio at Obsidian Entertainment, South Park: The Stick of Truth is one of the easiest games in its genre. It’s actually a lot like Costume Quest in that it’s about a bunch of kids running around playing pretend, except it’s more obscene in every single way.

While it has some elements that are familiar to other RPGs, The Stick of Truth is far less about things like grinding and more about being an extra-long episode of the hit TV show. There’s plenty of XP and loot to go around, so players will reach the level cap and have excellent equipment to deal with the game’s enemies towards the end. Your health and power points replenish after each fight, too, so you never need recovery items outside of battle.

12 brisk hours later, the credits roll on what’s arguably the most elaborate South Park production ever. Whether it’s something you’d enjoy is much more dependent on whether you like the show or not, but there’s no arguing that all South Park fans should have little trouble making it to the end.

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