The Daily Five: Super Easy RPGs

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Pokémon Red & Blue

Super Easy RPGs - Pokémon Red & Blue

Every generation of Pokémon has been highly accessible, but each iteration seems to grow a bit more layered and nuanced than the last; I’ve played most of these games and I still can’t totally wrap my head around EV training. So to find the easiest in the series, we have to go back to where it all started (for those of us outside of Japan, at least).

Getting from Pallet Town all the way through the Elite Four in Pokémon Red and Blue is possibly the easiest thing that can be done in any RPG. There’s no better proof than Twitch Plays Pokémon, where thousands upon thousands of people simultaneously hurled random commands through the streaming site’s chat window and beat Pokémon Red in 16 days. Still, the core reason behind the franchise’s success is its accessibility — it’s more about collecting cool looking monsters, which appeals to the kid in just about all of us.

Pokémon Red and Blue are great gateways to more hardcore RPG experiences, whether it’s hardcore breeding and training in later games or even something else entirely. Few games can claim to be as easy to pick up and play, RPG or otherwise.

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