The Daily Five: Things Animal Crossing & Hotline Miami Have in Common

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We’ve all been obsessed with certain video games before. Not just a game that you think is really good or even excellent, but the ones that you can’t stop thinking about when you’re at work, in the shower, and even in your sleep. It’s definitely weird, but not necessarily unwelcome.

As it stands right now, I’ve been obsessing over two games. I’ve been checking in on my Animal Crossing town in New Leaf every single day since the game came out on 3DS last week, exchanging rare beetles and sharks for fat stacks of bells to pay for cute home furnishings. I’ve also purchased Hotline Miami for PlayStation 3 and Vita despite having it on PC, and I get all kinds of giddy knowing that it’s now widely available to a whole new audience.

Thinking about these two games over the past several weeks, my mind has made weird connections between them. Maybe it’s the obsession, maybe it’s the fact that my day job doesn’t get me more than a few hours of sleep per day. In any case, what the hell: Here are five ways that Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Hotline Miami are alike.

Look at All o’ Those Adorable Animals!

Let’s start with the most obvious(?) point: Look at all those goddamn animals!

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, they take up residence in your sleepy little town, striking up friendly conversation, asking you favors, and generally a joy to be around. Aww!

In Hotline Miami, they’re the grotesque rubber masks that you wear as you slaughter room after room of armed thugs, each giving you different power-ups and abilities. Uhh…

Club-Bangin’ Soundtracks

I’ve been in love with the Hotline Miami soundtrack ever since I heard it in the PC version, and the PlayStation re-release has given me an excuse to let it wash over me again. It so perfectly encapsulates everything that’s happening on-screen, but you can also bump it out of your car without everyone looking at you like the meganerd that you are. Have you heard Paris by M.O.O.N. yet? Sweet Georgia Brown, what a track!

At a glance, there’s nothing to suggest that Animal Crossing: New Leaf has anything on par with the molar-rattling bangers found in Hotline Miami…and that’s mostly true. Besides the trademark 24-hour soundtrack, though, New Leaf has an ace up its sleeve — a new club in your town, featuring the musical stylings of DJ K.K., better known as K.K. Slider in previous Animal Crossing games. He plays some catchy tunes and damn if you’re not bobbing your head along with your villager.

You Don’t Really Know Why You’re Doing Anything

You can set little goals for yourself in Animal Crossing: New Leaf — maybe you want to expand your house, or fill out your town’s museum — but unanswered questions abound. You’re in charge of your town, but what happened to the last mayor? Why was the position thrust upon you without your input? What’s really happening in Animal Crossing?

In Hotline Miami, ominous messages are left on your answering machine telling you to complete seemingly menial tasks, although they’re actually coded kill orders. Who’s leaving them there? Why do you follow through with them, and why does it feel so damn good?

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  • Travis Tucker

    Disturbing how accurate this is…