The Daily Five: Games That PS1 Can Now Legally Play

September 9, 2013 | By | 2 Comments

It’s September 9th, and that means that it’s time for Sony’s original PlayStation to celebrate another birthday here in North America. If it were a human person and not an inanimate pile of plastic and silicon, it would be pretty jazzed about this particular anniversary.

Why’s that? Because it’s 18! That’s a big deal here, as it’s the age at which bunch of previously locked doors open for teens all over the country. It can’t drink just yet, but there’s plenty of other debauchery to be had. Here are five PS1 games featuring activities that it could now legally participate in without getting a stern talking-to.

It Can Gamble: Caesars Palace

Well, maybe. Different states have different age limits (many set the gambling age at 21), and even then it depends on what kind of gambling you’re doing; a state may let you play the lottery at 18 but keep you out of casinos until you’re 21. In any case, there’s no better gambling sim on PS1 than Caesar’s Palace. That’s not saying much, and the games contained within — such as blackjack and poker — are easily downloaded to your smartphone for a dollar or less, but look! It’s an officially licensed product! That counts for something, right?

It Can Buy Guns: Time Crisis

At 18, you’re legally free to buy a firearm — it’s in the Constitution and everything! What better way to celebrate than by popping in the home version of the original Time Crisis, complete with GunCon controller? The only real drawback is that you don’t get the same bitchin’ recoil on the gun as you do on the arcade version. Being an adult means learning that you can’t win them all.

It Can Vote: SimCity 2000

Voting and the democratic process at large aren’t really all that glamorous, but leave it to video games to make the most tedious tasks seem fun, and with SimCity 2000 you don’t even have to be elected to control the day-to-day lives of millions. Show [INSERT UNFAVORABLE POLITICIAN] what’s what and run a city with surgical precision. Or just let it all go to hell; you’re the boss here, big guy.

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  • Mrteapot

    I remember when I got that console for Christmas and the very first game I got was Warhawk. Loved the twisted metal franchise from it too, my favorite final fantasy 7

    Sold my PS 3 long ago and switched to xbox after owning all three consoles, might buy it again for last of us. Prolly going to stick with xbox and get a one but this article brought the nostalgia back for me

  • Ignition1

    Unless the PS1 is in the UK…then it can get drunk legally as well.