The Daily Five: Trailers That Guaranteed Sales

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Prior to a game’s unveiling or release, publishers spend millions of dollars and man hours creating video content for the game in order to push gamers into buying its products. These announcement, launch, and debut trailers are a key component to a games overall success regardless of how big or small the fanbase is prior to release. In fact, sometimes before a fanbase can even exist, a great trailer is released to create it. Like the movie industry, the gaming industry relies on these short segment teasers to pull gamers in, build anticipation, and open their wallets to new worlds and ideas that they can experience.

With that in mind, we’ve taken what we feel are the five most powerful trailers of this generation that have either already caused gamers to rush to a store to pickup a copy or will push gamers to retail locations to pick one up in the near future. If we missed a trailer that you feel had this effect on you, let us know below.

BioShock Announcement Trailer

Arguably, this may be one of the greatest trailers ever released in our industry and introduced gamers to a world that was unimaginable by common folk like us. Discovering Rapture for the first time is a moment a lot of gamers will agree is one that stands out in this generation as a key experience in gaming. This trailer not only launched a franchise that would pull in diehard fans left and right, but it also helped create enough sales to make a sequel possible and furthermore, essentially made BioShock Infinite possible as well. Andrew Ryan will likely never be forgotten amongst us.

Halo 3 Announcement Trailer

Halo is a marquee franchise for Microsoft and arguably saved the original Xbox from becoming extinct. However, Halo 3 was the first step for Master Chief into the next generation and with him brought the hopes of console sales, game sales, and redemption for the previous generation’s failures. He didn’t disappoint. Halo 3 went on to sell millions of units and Master Chief solidified himself as a premier icon in gaming. When this trailer was originally shown off, the entire gaming internet had a short nerdgasm and couldn’t wait for its release.

Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer

Mass Effect is unarguably one of greatest IPs created within this generation of gaming. It comes in alongside the likes of BioShock and Uncharted when it comes to games we’ll go back and play once this generation is long over. When BioWare took the lid off of Mass Effect 2, gamers went nuts and hoped that it would improve upon the first game while also fixing some of the annoying issues as well. It delivered in doing just that. By the time the launch trailer was released, gamers were already lined up to buy this bad boy and if they weren’t, this one pushed them in that direction immediately. It goes without saying that Mass Effect 2 turned the tides for the franchise and propelled it into legendary status.

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