The Daily Five: Unannounced PlayStation 4 Titles to Look Forward To

November 5, 2013 | By | No Comments

Everyone already knows about a ton of PlayStation 4 titles coming on launch and within the launch year itself, but what games can we expect after that initial honeymoon? There seems to be a ton of speculation around several titles and we can expect one or two of these to probably be unveiled on November 14th during SpikeTV’s special PlayStation 4 Launch Event. However, we’re going to go out on a slim limb and guess that these other games will be unveiled in due time as well.

We’d like to know if you think any other games are in the pipeline that we may have missed.

Uncharted 4
This almost seems like a foregone conclusion that Naughty Dog will eventually announce a PlayStation 4 iteration of Uncharted. Considering how popular of a franchise this was on PlayStation 3 and the fact it put Naughty Dog on the worldwide stage unlike any previous title, it’s a certainty, right? This is actually one of the games we expect to be announced either at the SpikeTV PlayStation 4 Launch Event or the Video Game Awards later this year.

Demon’s Souls 2
There has been a lot of rumors revolving around the announcement of Demon’s Souls 2. Some think it’s definitely plausible and will be revealed next Thursday on Spike TV. However, with the success that Dark Souls has had on multiple platforms, it may be difficult for Demon’s Souls 2 to break back into the marketplace. We think it’ll happen though and if Sony can convince From Software to come on board to develop it, PlayStation 4 fans will be in line for something special.

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