The Daily Five: Upcoming Overlooked PS4 Games

April 23, 2014 | By | No Comments

When it comes to the PlayStaton 4 and 2014, the games that gamers are talking about most include the likes of Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, Batman: Arkham Knight, Destiny, and a couple of other high-profile titles. However, there are a handful of overlooked PS4 games that people seem to be forgetting or are unaware that they’re coming out this year. Some of these games are significant titles that have just fallen by the wayside while a couple are titles people may be overlooking due to the history of the development behind them. Regardless, we’re going to inform you about five overlooked PS4 games that you should be looking forward to this year.

NHL 15

Upcoming Overlooked PS4 Games - NHL 14

Nobody is really talking about the next installment in the NHL franchise mainly because neither is EA Sports. The sports giant released next-generation installments into its FIFA, Madden, and NBA Live franchise. While the latter bombed hard, FIFA and Madden excelled. This is in large part due to the new Ignite Engine that released within each game and brought with it advanced A.I., player movements, and a bunch of other improvements that made the sports gaming experience better.

NHL 15 should also receive the Ignite Engine treatment and considering how successful the NHL franchise was last generation, it’s a good bet that excellence will continue. If we had to guess when we’re going to see our first information about NHL 15, it’s likely to hit in mid-May, shortly before E3.

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