The Daily Five: Ways to Spend your GTA Online Stimulus

October 14, 2013 | By | No Comments

Rockstar Games recently announced that, due to the ongoing struggles of its Grand Theft Auto Online servers, players will receive a $500,000 stimulus package for its online characters. This is a great way to say, “I’m sorry,” and it definitely takes a bit of the sting away from losing countless characters and vehicles. Of course, this money only really matters if you put it to good use and spend it wisely. It’s easy to spend money in GTAO and forget to save a little as you go, so we’ve made this handy guide of five ways to spend your money to maximize the opportunity that comes with half a million free dollars.

Let us know if you’d change anything or keep it the same. The total budget we’ve come up with here is $505,000. If you don’t have the extra $5,000, knock over a couple of convenience stores.

Del Perro Heights Apt. 20 – $205,000

Del Perro Heights puts you in a prime location in Los Santos because you’re right near the water and across the street from one of the best nightclubs in the city. This apartment is fully loaded with everything you need and includes a massive 10-car garage to collect every vehicle you’d ever love to own in the game. The pricing of this apartment is also very respectable without breaking the bank. So, not only do you have the full garage treatment, but you won’t have to mix with the poor people anymore either.

Vacca – $240,000

The Vacca is an amazing car in Grand Theft Auto and comes with great control. This bad boy hits 190 MPH in the game, so getting away from the police is going to be easy and the fact it goes from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds makes it one of the fastest accelerating vehicles in the game. It’s also a great car to add to your collection for that new garage you just purchased.

Bulletproof Tires – $25,000

It’s time to put bulletproof tires on that Vacca. This way, not only will you fly by the police, but they’ll have a very difficult time stopping you regardless of your wanted level. With bulletproof tires, you’re impervious to road spikes and having your tires shot out. As an added bonus, those dicks online won’t be able to shoot out your tires either. Instead, you can just run them over at 190 MPH.

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