The Daily Five: Worst Cover Art of This Generation

April 30, 2013 | By | 5 Comments

For most gamers, box art is interesting but ultimately unimportant. They’ve usually decided whether to buy a game long before entering a store, and the game just sits on the shelf anyway. Who cares, right?

Well, for the less informed consumer, that box art is the very first impression that they’ll get about a game. It’s the marketing department’s one shot to convince passersby to pick up and look at the game. Yesterday we highlighted five covers that got the job done.

These five failed miserably.

007 Legends

I’ve seen two James Bond movies in my entire life. As such, I’m one of the markets that Activision would want to capture with a game encompassing some of the best moments in 007’s storied history. I have no idea what this box is trying to tell me.

Daniel Craig looks like a wax model of RoboCop’s Peter Weller. A car is being driven, as Bond so often does, but I have no idea why that’s supposed to be special enough to put on the front of the box. There’s a golden lady with a golden butt about to get a massage, I guess. A man with no dental plan is grinning next to an Activision logo. The only thing that comes to mind looking at all of it is “Why?”

Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition

Make no mistake — Batman: Arkham City is one of the finest games to ever see release. Naturally, that meant that an all-encompassing version featuring the game’s DLC would eventually be released. But did it have to be like this?

I mean, just look at it. Just about every bit of negative space is nothing but another spot on which to place review scores and quotes. Batman and the game logo are deprioritized to make sure that you know that it’s playable in 3D and how much everyone really liked it. Gross, gross, gross.

BioShock 2

This seems harmless enough. It takes a lot of its cues from the art adorning the original game, only now there’s a “2” under the logo. Yet there’s something I can’t quite place…

Oh. Well, I guess that box is ruined forever.

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