The Daily Five: Wrestlers We Wish Were in WWE 2K14

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Another year, another WWE game. Wrestling fans know they can count on a game featuring almost all the current wrestlers they love (and love to hate) included. This year, however, the 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode was introduced to the game, allowing for the legends of Wrestlemanias past to take the stage one more time. While the selection of available Superstars is massive and hits most of the highlights, we can’t help but think about what wrestlers we wish could have made the game. Some can’t because of contract reasons, some because of family, and some because of much more serious issues. Good, bad, or indifferent, here is our list of wrestlers we wish could have been in WWE 2K14.

Owen Hart


Owen, the younger brother of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, is one of the greatest Superstars to never hold the WWE Championship. He was a talented in-ring performer that worked just as well on the mic. Some are even bold enough to claim that Owen was the better Hart brother. For whatever reason, Owen never got that world title push that many felt he deserved, despite being a successful tag team and Intercontinental Champion. Maybe he would have eventually captured the proverbial brass ring if he hadn’t died in a stunt back in 1999.

So why isn’t Owen in the game? His widow, Martha, blames the WWE and wrestling for his death. She refuses to allow the WWE to use his name or likeness to promote any product, even refusing any potential induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. Owen’s brothers and children all want Owen to be remembered for the competitor he was, so maybe we will see him included in a WWE video game one day.

Kurt Angle

WWE Raw superstar Kurt Angle (1996 Olympic Gold Medalist)

The only Olympic gold medalist in the history of the WWE, Kurt Angle was responsible for some of the most memorable moments of the Attitude Era. Able to be humorous one moment and amazingly intense the next, Angle was capable of having a program with just about anyone. He worked storylines with Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels over the course his of prolific WWE career.

So why is this multi-time WWE Champion not in WWE 2K14? Because he works for the competition. Angle is currently under contract with TNA Impact Wrestling, meaning there is no chance of seeing him in anything with the WWE name on it for the foreseeable future.

The Hardy Boyz


If you were a WWE fan in the late 90′s/early 2000′s, you know who these two gentlemen are. Just as important to the Attitude Era as Austin and The Rock, the Hardy Boyz’s feud with Edge & Christian featured the two teams swapping the tag titles back and forth multiple times in some of the greatest matches of the era; tables, ladders, and chairs were not safe when these men were around. Matt, the older brother, was the better mat (no pun intended) wrestler of the pair, but everyone remembered the younger and wilder Jeff, who was not afraid to put his body on the line for the sake of a big spot. Both men had very succesful runs with the WWE, with Jeff even making it to the WWE Championship.

Just like Angle, the Hardys won’t be in a WWE video game anytime soon because they left WWE (under bad terms) to work for TNA. There are rumors, however, that both may make their way back to the WWE after their contracts run out, so it’s possible we will see them in a WWE title in the next few years. Too bad it isn’t this one though. We all know that the true memorable WrestleMania moment from WrestleMania 16 was the ladder match between the Hardys, Edge & Christian, and…

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