This Side Up Episode 007: Jungle Cats

May 15, 2013 | By | No Comments

We’re stuck with a partial cast once again, this time with Christa sitting out because work sucks. Joe’s also half-dead and tries his damndest not to throw up all over his computer during recording. It’s a good ep!

This week: Lollipop farms; NextBox gets a name?; Sony Santa Monica working on a secret project; Gran Turismo 6; Insomniac Games not working on Wii U; Ace Attorney 5 coming to 3DS eShop this fall; PlayStation Plus members get a sweet deal on Metro: Last Light; Resident Evil: Revelations demo; new releases; broken AAA publishing models.

Hosts: Joe Garcia (@Wons23), Jack Shrout (@thecinemajack)

Music: “Dubstep Daycare” by George & Jonathan

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