Toon Blast Boosters

Toon Blast Combos and Boosters List

Are you looking to clear levels in Toon Blast?

Well, Toon Blast game has many hidden game items which can help you clear difficult levels.

You can have combos and booster for your rescue when you start playing Toon Blast. We recommend you all to check the function of combos and booster to clear levels in Toon Blast.

What are Combos?

Combos in Toon Blast are special game items which appear when you match similar color cubes more than three in number.

Combos can clear any difficult levels when you use them effectively. Combos can be used with other combos and booster to clear the 3puzzle board.

How many types of Combos are there in Toon Blast?

There are three types of Combos present in Toon Blast, and they are as follows

  • Rocket
  • Bomb
  • Disco Ball

With these combos, you can clear all difficulty levels in Toon Blast with ease. Let us find out how these combos can be made using a different pattern of Cubes.


Rocket combos can be made using matching 05 similar color cube in Toon Blast. Rocket combos can clear the whole row or column when using effectively. Rows or column which will be eliminated is decided by the way you have made that combos.

If you check properly, you will find Rocket head in the Rocket combos, which indicate how it is going to respond. If the head of Rocket is horizontal, then it will clear the whole row, if it is vertical, then it will clear the whole column.


Bomb are special combos which can wipe out 08 cubes adjacent to the bomb combo. You can make this unique combo by matching pattern of 07 cubes in Toon Blast.

Bomb combos are very difficult to make, and you need to focus on getting this type of combos as they clear 08 cubes when activated.

Disco Ball

Disco Ball are rare combos which can clear all similar color cubes present in the 3puzzle board. Disco Ball can be made using 09 similar color cube.

Disco Ball is very rare and can be used in conjugation with other combos for more effectiveness.

We recommend using two or more combos together to get a more effective solution to solve the 3puzzle game.

What is the booster?

Booster is great game items to clear any difficulty level in Toon Blast. The booster can be acquired by purchasing a different chest or by clearing levels.

The booster can be used only once and can give you winning edge when using properly in Toon Blast.

How many boosters are there in Toon Blast?

There are four types of booster available in Toon Blast, and they are as follows

  • Hammer
  • Anvil
  • Boxing Glove
  • Dice Boosters

Final words

Combos and Boosters are great level clearer in Toon Blast game. You should always pay attention to different types of patterns to make combos.

We encourage you all to try to mix and match different types of combos to clear the puzzle quickly. Combos, when mix with other combos can create a great effect.

All Combos are free to get, and you should pay focus on getting more combos in your puzzle board.

Boosters are difficult to get in the game; you will receive them when you clear any levels. Boosters can also be procured by purchase different chest present in the game.

If you have unlimited coins, then you can purchase different chest which can contain game goodies as well as Boosters.

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