Top 10 Greatest PS2 Games of All-Time

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Greatest PS2 Game of All-Time

Last week, we made a list called the Top 10 Greatest PS1 Games of All-Time. It was a difficult list to put together, as the original PlayStation has no shortage of classic titles, but we came away happy with what it was.

But now it’s time to gather and discuss the best PlayStation 2 games ever made, which has proven even trickier. You can make a rock-solid argument for the PS2 being the greatest console ever, and that’s largely in part to its outrageously vast library of classic titles.

These are the very best.

10. Gran Turismo 4

The real driving simulator squeaked onto our last top 10 with Gran Turismo 2, which helped to establish the series as one of Sony’s best. While Gran Turismo continued to sell well on the PlayStation 2, Gran Turismo 4 had a long run as the best game in the series.

GT4 was a powerhouse, featuring the largest collection of cars in any Gran Turismo to date and a wide array of real-world tracks. It was also one of the few PS2 games with HD output, capable of running at 1080i in single-player races. With an improved physics model and better graphics than the previous game, Gran Turismo 4 stood head and shoulders above all other racing games on the console.

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