Top 10 Greatest PS3 Games of All-Time

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Top 10 Greatest PS3 Games of All-Time

After a month of chronicling the very best games to hit every PlayStation platform in history — PS1, PS2, PSP, and PSN — we have reached the end of our journey. The initial list we compiled of games that were worthy of discussion for our PlayStation 3 list was just a touch under 30, and each cut felt like a tiny act of war. This was hard.

Alas, we press forward. We count down the ten greatest PS3 games of all-time.

10. inFamous 2

There are plenty of superhero games out there to put yourself in the boots of your favorite superhero, but we submit that one of the very best in the genre isn’t even licensed by Marvel or DC. Enter inFamous 2.

Cole McGrath is a fairly generic character — hello, gravelly-voiced bald white dude! — but his power set is terrific. He’s at his best in inFamous 2, where his electric powers are complemented with either ice or fire depending on whether you’re playing as good or evil. The amp not only gave you proper melee abilities, but was actually quite fun to use, and traversing the city is more fun than ever, too.

For superhero power fulfillment, games rarely get it done better than inFamous 2. Except for, you know…

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