The Top 10 Super Bowls in Gaming

February 2, 2014 | By | No Comments

Whether you’re in it to see who’s crowned champion or just want to see the different ways that corporations blow millions of dollars on 30-second spots, all eyes will soon be on the Super Bowl. It’s the culmination of months of build up, a process that just about anyone can appreciate.

That includes gamers, who have born witness to the same kind of spectacle countless times. Epic matchups are the backbone of compelling game narrative, and you could frame them the same way you would with two conference champions.

Don’t believe us? Here are ten Super Bowl-worthy gaming matchups.

Cloud vs. Sephiroth


Cloud Strife has spent his season preparing for the all-out war that is inevitable at the end of his long, arduous journey. The young man from Nibelheim watched his town burn to the ground while many of the families he knew growing up died in the fire. Since then, he’s had only one goal in mind and that’s getting revenge on the man who made it happen — Sephiroth. Strife has grown a lot over the course of time and as the final battle draws near, hopefully he’s strong enough to overcome the strength of the individual he used to idolize as a child.

On the other side of the field we have Sephiroth. Once believed to be an ordinary human with extraordinary capabilities, Sephiroth learned of his true hybrid nature. Upon learning this, Sephiroth realized his destiny was to take control of the planet and to watch the world burn. Unfortunately for him, the first village he left burning was Cloud’s and that’s lead to the ultimate final showdown between the two. Sephiroth may be the most powerful SOLDIER in history, but will it be enough to overcome Cloud and his desire to save the world?

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