Top 5 Reasons to Buy Call of Duty: Ghosts at Launch

November 13, 2013 | By | No Comments

It’s easy to be cynical about any annualized game franchise, but these things don’t happen by accident; you certainly can’t account for taste, but entertainment sales records don’t break themselves. Call of Duty has done it for several years running now, so clearly Activision is on to something.

No one’s going to stop you if you want to be too cool for school, but here are five reasons why you should pick up Call of Duty: Ghosts with your shiny new PlayStation 4.

Still the Most Robust Multiplayer Community

Being the most popular video game franchise on the planet means that there’s never a shortage of matchmaking options. While other games peter off as the weeks and months roll on, each Call of Duty game remains populated for years. If your friends list is a bit light, finding folks to fill isn’t too difficult. Just, uh, make sure you have that mute button ready, just in case.

Clan Up No Matter Where Your Friends Are

A new console cycle presents new challenges for the Call of Duty community, chief among them being the possible fracture of friends across consoles. What if you buy a PS4 and your friends stick to PS3? What if they buy an Xbox One instead?

While you won’t be able to play alongside them, you’ll still be able to join the same clan and earn clan XP, no matter what system everyone is on. So long as you’re playing at the same time, your clan levels up and earns rewards.

1080p, 60fps

Graphics aren’t everything, but they can still be a nice bonus. Both Infinity Ward and Treyarch have always prioritized a high framerate, but that always meant that Call of Duty ran at 720p on consoles. As it stands, PlayStation 4 is the only console that will offer Ghosts at the golden 1080p standard while still running at 60fps.

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