Top 5 Reasons to Buy Knack on Launch Day

November 6, 2013 | By | No Comments

Not everyone’s taste is the same. Some of us are going to like different games for different reasons, but that doesn’t change the dedication and time put into developing these titles. While some games review well and others poorly, there are always reasons you can find for making the purchase decision on launch day. We think Knack is going to be one of those games that teeters on the fence, but people are going to remember it the most from launch because of its differences and the way it tried to display what the PlayStation 4 is capable of thanks to Mark Cerny and the wonderful team at Sony.

Here are our five reasons why you should pick up Knack on Launch Day next week.

Mark Cerny
Cerny is the mastermind behind the PlayStation 4 and the driving force behind his own title, Knack, as well. It should go without saying that if the guy who helped make the PlayStation 4 happened is developing a game, there is a good chance that game is going to showcase a lot of the potential the console has early on. This seems to be the case with Knack and it seems like that is reason enough to purchase the game on day one. I mean, if you want to justify your purchase and see what you can look forward to in the future as a gamer, Cerny is giving you that window through Knack’s world.

Beyond Kameo for PlayStation 4
Kameo’s launch for the Xbox 360 was very mediocre and it didn’t release to very favorable review. It was criticized for being short in length and easy in difficulty — however, it’s easily one of the more enjoyable experiences available at the launch of Xbox 360. I have a feeling this is going to be the case for Knack as well without the negativity. Knack was designed to take advantage of everything the PlayStation 4 has to offer and like I mentioned above, Cerny is going to make sure you understand what the console is capable of as well. In 6 years from now, Knack will be $5.99 at retail, but it’ll still be one of the best experiences you remember from launch (if you dive in).

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