Ubisoft: Gamers Are “Ready” for Always Online

April 15, 2013 | By | 20 Comments

In a surprising turn of events, Ubisoft’s Montreal CEO, Yannis Mallat believes that audiences are already ready for an always online experience. This is a shocking turn of events considering the backlash Microsoft has received amid rumors of an always-online Xbox coming next generation.

Speaking with The Guardian, Mallat revealed that he thinks most people are already always online through other devices.

“I would say that a lot of people are already always online through other devices,” he said when asked about whether or not the audience is ready for always online consoles. “I would suspect that the audience is ready.”

Mallatt added: “The answer lies in the question – as soon as players don’t have to worry, then they will only take into account the benefits that those services bring. And I agree, these services need to provide clear benefits.

“It’s important to be able to provide direct connections between us and our consumers, whether that’s extra content or online services, a lot of successful games have that.”

It will be interesting to see how the gaming crowd reacts to this one. Of course, Mallat isn’t simply telling people to just “deal with it.”

  • IKilledChubs

    I am starting to hate hearing the excuse that people are already ‘always on’ with other devices so why not make their gaming consoles as well. I know its not Ubisoft saying this. But it doesn’t make any sense for console makers to compare a smart phone/tablet to the 720. They are not the same device and one will never replace the other, at least not for awhile. And there WILL be plenty to worry about. Look at what just happened with Xbox Live, hacked or whatever. Every time the servers go down we won’t be able to play anything, not even solo mode? And what about internet outages? It gets interrupted. So no net means no gaming? And I get that most people who own a 360 probably have an Xbox Live account already. But do they think those who don’t are going to buy a 720 just so they can purchase a (non-used only) game and sign for LIVE just to play, probably not, especially with the rumor of the 720 not being backward compatible. Everyone is going to have to start over. New systems, new games, and always on is going to push people to the PS4 and maybe even the WiiU.

    • http://www.facebook.com/juanito.f.vazquez Juanito Flakito Vazquez

      Couldn’t have said it any better.

      • DngnRdr

        Having the option to be always online isn’t a problem IMO, the problem is making playing of games you’ve bought dependent on being online – especially the rumour that loss of connection for more than 3 or 4 minutes will drop you from the game. If it was just an authentication while installing, maybe not so much of an issue.

    • illidan4ever

      I can only hope the base online will be free like it with 360 (being able to purchase things and all…or is it only free because I once had the full package? I’m still confused by the working there.)

  • Trollzor


  • merwanor

    Well, I am planing on getting AC4 on release day, but if it has an always online requirement, then I am out. I will rather wait for it to get really cheap on steam and then buy it. Never going to pay full price for a game that has this requirement.

  • EliteFreeAgent

    I agree with the first guy. Doesn’t PS4 have a supposed touch-screen on the controller. That in itself wins against an xbox 360. Then adding the new “eye cam” with better graphics and probably better updating and connection(since PS3 had a horrific means of updating 10 mins update download 10 mins confirm install 10 min install) that’s crazy compared to the xbox’s 10-30 second updates. So far ive only seen a downward decend in xbox. new dashboard with lots of unwanted and/ or un-useful features like internet explorer, rogers on demand and the usless without a chat pad bing bar. we dont want that we only want to play games and chat and enjoy ourselves. not search the web,watch tv, or use bing PERIOD. we have computers for thet and TV witch we pay for. why buy something that u can use without xbox for xbox. It does no good. im sad to say that the 720 will probably be another downward decend for microsofts xbox

    • illidan4ever

      They obviously want to monopolize everything so people can make one huge investment in them and then they’ll take over the world. Not in a destruction sense, but in the consciousness of the general consumer with in the next decade or so.

  • http://twitter.com/RinoTheBouncer Rino The Bouncer

    I’m always connected to the PSN when I play but I’m well aware that there are many people, many of my friends included who for some reason cannot be connected to the internet so I guess gaming consoles shouldn’t alienate fans who loved games even before the internet was in the hands of the general public including children, teens and adults.

    I believe gaming should be about gaming in solo. Multiplayer and the likes should be the secondary modes. Not everybody is interested in sharing on Facebook, nor getting themes or downloadable contents. Many people are interested in just playing the game they just bought and enjoying what the contents on the disc have to offer. I am not one of those people but I think it’s offensive towards players who saved money to buy an obviously expensive console to be required to have a Wifi at home as well, as many people use 3G of their smartphones to connect or still go to internet cafes.

  • d sar

    I don’t buy Ubisoft games at all, mainly rent them, now there s NO reason for me to support this terrible company, I will boycott their games from now on if they are always online

  • Erica Gabriel

    Ubisoft is out of touch and will be out of business within five years with this attitude. Good riddance.

  • Kaiyl_kariashi

    NO Ubisoft, Gamers are ready to start buying from companies who don’t have their heads up their asses and not realizing that PEOPLE DESPISE always on-line. Or from companies who AREN’T living in a delusional world where the whole world has 70GB internet connections that are always active, always stable, with no limits. Less then 37% of Americans have an internet connection higher then 1 MB (most services expect at least a 3MB these days), 93% of which live in cities….

  • WoWed

    is ubisoft even paying attention? didn’t they see the SimCity debacle?

  • Eye

    NO, UBISOFT! Don’t stoop to the levels of EA. I am not ready to lose you.

  • A Rad

    Some of you are so dumb it actually astounds me…years ago a phone only had one usage and that was too perform calls. NOW, the iphone does that and a hell of a lot more. Just because the Xbox One is trying to push the envelope doesnt mean that they are going to just disregard gaming. In fact, im going to go ahead and say it will be the better console…wanna know why? Because as of right now…THE PS4 HAS NO GAMES

    • illidan4ever

      And what does Xbox have? Halo? I am so sick of Halo. At least when PS makes a title it’s new. Sackman (or w/e), that superhero game….just to name a couple. I wish I bought a PS3 instead…

      This is the moment of shear regret for me. Oh well, it’s retrospect, I guess.

    • tara

      bs they actually have more exclusives than the one (not 720 anymore for all you xbox fans) personally i own both systems but i will go Japanese anyday over a silver spoon drop out from my home town… screw xbox and the only online gaming.sometimes its fun to just run around, and my son online, people get do angry with him we were threatened with jihad over mw2 online by some crazy he is 12 i ask why not put in place some rules, agredd/

  • john

    Tell you what. I will agree to pay for an always online option when I can get the following:

    1. A stable and reliable internet connection
    2. That the company ensures enough server capacity (see failed SIm City Luanch)
    3. Internet companies stop capping data
    4. That gaming companies can gaurantee that I will be able to play the game as long as I wish even if that means I am playing 50 years from now

    5. That gaming companies are willing to provide a live customer Server line that I can call for troubleshooting support on PC and console versions of each game. and answer within a reasonable amount of time.

    6.they lower the cost of games. If im going to have to be online, which costs me money, data, power, and increases my risk. Then they should be willing lower the costs of games.

  • illidan4ever

    Consoles just aren’t consoles anymore. The future all looks the same to me.

  • hotwing10

    I’m completely fine with always online. I only know one person without internet. What pisses me off is that microsoft will only allow it in certain countries or regions.

    Oh, almost forgot about having to be online for single player…. I mean, the entire point of single player for me at least is to get away from the dumbasses online.