Yoshida: The Last Guardian is ‘Alive and Kicking’

June 12, 2013 | By | No Comments

Yesterday Jack Tretton revealed that The Last Guardian was on hiatus, but today, Yoshida has contradicted those statements by letting gamers know that the game is still “alive and kicking.” According to Yoshida, the development of The Last Guardian is still ongoing and the team is hard at work on the title in Japan.

“It’s alive and kicking in terms of development,” Yoshida-san told CVG, “If you visit Japan Studio there are lots of people working on it.

“But as [designer Fumito Ueda] shared with people a couple of months ago, we really want to be confident next time when we introduce The Last Guardian to the public, so we are waiting for that time to come.”

Sony needs to start getting on the same page when it comes to this game. Continuing to give up conflicting reports is going to cause confusion and a lack of trust in the development process. It’s understandable that Sony wants to re-reveal the game when it’s closer to completion or as an announcement for the PlayStation 4, but they should be more direct about what’s going on or just not say anything at all.

On the bright side, at least we know it’s still in development.

Source: CVG